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Asbestos Sheet Roofing - Repair, Over Cladding & Removal

Here at Davis Industrial Roofing Ltd, we are specialists in dealing with asbestos based cement roofs.

Our operatives have a wealth of experience and are certified to deal with the white Chrysotile asbestos contained within the sheets.

We provide free quotations and assess each project on an individual basis to construct the best method to deal with your asbestos roof safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of exposure to the asbestos fibres to ourselves and others.

Please find below more information regarding asbestos and the services we provide when dealing with Asbestos roofing sheets.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors state that the life expectancy of a asbestos based cement roof could be anything between 25-40 years, depending on environmental factors.
This means that nearly all roofs which used asbestos based cement products are now nearing the end of their expected lives.
With age comes deterioration and the panels can become porous and be prone to leaks.

We provide three services to deal with problems caused by aging asbestos based cement roofs.

  • Repair
  • Refurbishment (over-cladding)
  • Removal and disposal


The first option when dealing with asbestos based cement sheets should always be to repair the damaged area. Cement based products like roofing and cladding sheets are fairly low risk because the asbestos is contained within the cement, it.
If it is not necessary to remove or disturb the asbestos then don't, this will only risk releasing dangerous fibres.
A repair could take a number of forms, from using products like Acryopol to coat and bridge a crack, to over planting a damaged sheet (see below).

Whatever repair is required a solution can be formulated and a quote given.
 asbestos roof repair
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Often a simple repair can be false economy, corroded fixings, growing vegetation, and the elements will all take their toll on the whole asbestos roof, leading to numerous call outs and spiraling costs.
Over cladding or removing the asbestos based cement sheets may be a better option.

Refurbishment  (Over-cladding)

Where an asbestos based corrugated roof has come to the end of its economic life, rather than replacing it, it may be safer and more cost effective to leave the asbestos containing sheets in-situ and to over-clad them with a non-asbestos roofing sheet. This is achieved by installing a cavity forming spacer to the existing structure.

A timber lat or galvanized steel 'Z' bar is placed on top of the current asbestos sheet and a fixing is placed through both, into the existing steel structure of the building (the use of a class H vacuum prevents any fibres from entering the building or atmosphere). The spacer acts as a new purlin, allowing a new weatherproof non-asbestos sheet to be fixed into place.

A layer of insulation can also be installed into the cavity created by the spacer to further improve the 'U' value of the building.

Over cladding asbestos based fibre cement sheets has the added benefit of causing minimal disruption to workday operations, while still complying to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


We are also able to remove your asbestos based cement sheets and dispose of it in accordance with the current legislation set out by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The roof can then be replaced with a number of watertight products (see below).

asbestos roof
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