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Roof lights & Gutters

A brand new roof often isn't required and a leak or pest problem can be solved with a simple repair.

Be it a damaged roof light, a leaking gutter, vandalism or a cracked asbestos sheet, a repair will be a far more cost effective solution.

  • Gutters

 Gutters are the primary cause of leaks to industrial units. There are a number of ways to cure these leaks from resealing the affected area to the installation of a whole new watertight gutter.
We carry out a range of guttering services including renewal, gutter lining and gutter cleaning.

  • Gutter Renewel

Below you can see two inefficient gutters being replaced for a larger new one.

The new gutters laps are hot air welded to ensure a watertight finish.

  • Gutter Repair

Gutters can also be cleaned out and repaired.

 Roof Lights

Below we see the contrast between new and old roof lights. The amount of light is greatly increased into the unit so much so that the strip lighting is no longer necessary saving money on the electricity bill.